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Month: October 2017

What Should I Check on My Building’s Roof?

In between routine inspections, look for the following hazards:
  • Debris-filled or blocked gutters/downspouts/storm drains
  • Damaged or cracked gutters/downspouts/storm drains
  • Standing water or evidence of past standing water on roof deck
  • Accumulation of excessive debris on roof deck
  • Suspected microbial growth or other water damage on roof deck
  • Evidence of bird, rodent, or insect infestation
  • Cracked, damaged, or missing roof deck material
  • Cracked or broken roof deck seals that are creating openings for water intrusion
  • Improperly sealed flashing systems with evidence of water intrusion
  • Cracks, gaps, or other damage to walls
  • Suspected microbial growth on HVAC system components
  • Presence of contaminant sources (fumes, exhaust) near air intake vents
  • Blocked, obstructed, or broken outside air intakes
  • Broken or missing air intake screens on air handling units
  • Excessive noise generated by HVAC system components
  • Open or uncontrolled access to roof

It’s important to take caution when inspecting your roof. Access the roof through a hatch or fixed ladder only and be sure to keep a safe distance from the edge at all times. Contact CEI to make necessary repairs and to help address any additional safety concerns.


Happy Fall to All!
 A blustery day is upon us! As the season’s are changing the cold and snow will be upon us soon! It doesn’t matter where you live, the change in weather can affect the health of your roof system. Many of our customers see those effects after it’s too late. Routine roof inspections are an important part of your roof maintenance program, as they help detect deficiencies that could lead to larger issues. So with the change in season we suggest adding a Roof Top Assessment to the list, both for Fall and Spring.  With this assessment, you will be confident that your roof is ready for anything mother nature throws at it.
 to schedule your rooftop assessment today! 
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CAM Magazine Features U of M Ross School of Business

October 2017: CAM Magazine

Photo from University of Michigan

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business was a huge job for CEI last year. Now completed, CAM magazine has featured this job in there October 2017 Special issue. You can see the article here.


Photo from University of Michigan

In past years, CEI had installed a green roof onto the Kresge Business library. This zero floor green roof got an update along with the renovation of the rest of the building during the construction of Ross. It was reinstalled with plant material, repaired and updated to look great with the new building.


CEI was additionally contracted for the multiple elevation roofs at the Ross School. It was constructed of EPDM full tapered insulation and featured metal panels done by CEI’s very own sheet metal shop. Later in the project, Walbridge and other subcontractors looked to CEI for extra help on other scopes of work. The sheet metal shop made metal wall panels for the interior and exterior of the building.

Soaring Eagle Casino Job Complete!

After over a year of work, CEI has just finished up the details on their Soaring Eagle Casino job. The job was a huge re-roof project. It involved tearing off all the existing shingles and replacing it with a metal roof. The results turned out looking great!

Check out this small gallery of photos from the job.

Got Debris? Advice for Taking Care of Your Roof!

Debris is a common roof deficiency, that requires attention to in the fall and all year round! You should begin addressing any issue with a visual assessment.
Debris shows up in many forms:
  • Organic Growth
  • Mechanical Equipment Left Behind
  • Leaves
  • Sticks
  • Trash and Other Like-Matter
Loose Debris:

What is it? With storms and falling leaves, debris can collect on the roof and blow around.

Potential Damage: From movement of this debris or walking on littered areas there can be damage to the roof membrane.
Prevention: Removal of the debris will avoid all problems and should be part of your regular roof maintenance program.
Clogged Scupper, Drain or Gutter:

What is it? Loose debris gets stuck in different areas once blown around, this can cause clogging.
Potential Damage: Having clogged gutters, drains or scuppers can cause them to not work properly.
Prevention: All debris should be removed to ensure that the water from the rainy and snowy season will drain properly.


Organic Growth:

What is it?  Consistent moisture in contact with the roof surface will cause plants to grow on the roof.
Potential Damage: This will then lead to premature deterioration of the membrane. If not corrected early, it can lead to
1.   Leaks
2.   Saturation of the roof system
3.   Potential roof deck deterioration.
Prevention:  Remove the organic debris completely from the roof. Then dispose of it in a proper manner.
Never hesitate to call roofing professional if you have questions.

Time to Schedule A Fall Inspection!


TRICK OR TREAT! Don’t be tricked by thinking you can neglect your roof! Treat it to a fall inspection!



Roof Top Assessment is important to add the list of items to do this Fall. An assessment keeps your roof is proper condition preventing larger deficiencies in the future. Giving you the confidence in knowing that your roof will be ready for anything!

Call and schedule your roof inspection with us today!
David Rosiek-Service Manager

Sheet Metal Shop Auction Gift

We are always saying how much talent and true craftsmanship we have in our crews, especially in the sheet metal shop. Here is proof of how much talent they really have. Created out of copper, this gift box was hand crafted by our sheet metal shop supervisor Bob Gardner. The box is being donated as an auction item to Mt. Brighton’s XLR8 Alpine Race Team’s annual golf outing. Bob has made many of these boxes, each one a little different. This is his very first pair of skis that he added!

Support To Bennett’s Beavers

Pictured is a wonderful thank you from Bennett’s Beavers and a example of there wood figures.

CEI has been supporting Bennett’s Beavers  for years. This small non-profit organization that creates small wood animals and other pieces for hospitalized children. These wooden figures are then taken to the hospitals and passed out with other art supplies for the kids to decorate. Based locally in Hamburg (not too far from CEI headquarters), they are a great charity doing even better work. As a company, CEI donated a $100 hole sponsorship to there golf outing.

If you would like to find out more, or donate to Bennett’s Beavers, you can visit there website here.


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