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GREEN PRINT FOR THE FOOTPRINT Growing a Green Roofing Business

By Mary E. Kremposky, Associate Director- CAM Magazine

CEI Michigan, LLC. Howell, was one of the first companies to brave the single-ply roofing market in the 80’s. Today, the roofing company is maintaining its competitive and technological edge with the development of a growing list of vegetated and green roofing projects. “We have always tried to stay ahead of the curve on new technology, ” said G. Robert Cook, vice president of sales/estimating. “We view vegetated and green roofs as being in that category. We always try to do something out of the ordinary.”
CEI has been patiently cultivating projects in the green marketplace. The company has completed a healthy list of environmentally friendly rooftops, including a 16,500-sqaure-foot vegetated roof for the recently constructed…


1) Lower Energy Costs
2) Storm water Management
3) Reducing Urban Heat Island Effect
4) Increase  Longevity of the  Roof
5) Amenity and Aesthetics

For a facility, green roofing can increase the longevity of the roof membrane along with lowering energy costs. One of the nicest benefits is the value it can add with amenity and aesthetics. It is not only the facility that benefits from green sustainable roofing. Green roofing also contributes to the surrounding area in ways such as storm water management, reducing the urban heat island effect, and the attraction of insects and birds which can create a balance in the ecosystems of urban areas.

Safeguarding with Small Tool Tracker

” The new scanning device is helping us keep track of all our equipment. It is now very easy to see what equipment is at what job”, states Don Skrzypek- CEI Yard Superintendent.

When it comes to the bottom line, many times even the smallest of items can cost you the most due to loss, damage or theft. The Small Tool Tracker helps to reduce these issues through the organization and bar-code system it provides.

With Small Tool Tracking, you can classify tools and assign them to the employees, trucks, job sites, warehouses, tool boxes, and other locations responsible for the care of the tools. Check tools in and out on-screen or use the bar code/scanner feature for even more speedy tool tracking! “-

The Awards goes to….

CEI Michigan, LLC
Ann Arbor Municipal, Ann Arbor, MI.- 2010 Project of the Year Commercial Walls 2nd place from ATAS International, Inc.

Oakland County International Airport Terminal, Waterford, MI- received 2011Green Project of the Year Honorable Mention from CAM Magazine Green Project Awards


Safety isn’t expensive, its priceless

U.S. Work-Related Injuries, Illnesses Cost $250 Billion Annually: The study suggests that the U.S. should place greater emphasis on reducing work-related injury and illnesses…Cost data came from the National Council on Compensation Insurance, the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project and the National Academy of Social Insurance. Total costs were calculated by multiplying the number of cases of occupational injury or illness by the average cost per case. The study estimates that in 2007 there were:


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