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Sheet Metal Roofs Predicted #1 in 2012

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Why Green Roofs Can Benefit Your Facility

For a facilty, green roofing can increase the longevity of the roof membrane along with lowering energy costs. One of the nicest benefits is the value it can add with amenity and aesthetics. It is not only the facility that benefits from green sustainable roofing. Grren roofing also contributes to the surrounding area in ways such as stormwater management, reducing the urban heat island effect, and the attraction of insects and birds which can create a balance in the ecosystems of urban areas.


Slate is Awesome

Slate is a awesome roofing material. the longevity and durability is what makes it an excellent choice.  Slate colors vary and can add a distinction to any building.


CEI has been specializing in slate roof installation and restoration since 1980’s.
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