What Should I Check on My Building’s Roof?

In between routine inspections, look for the following hazards: Debris-filled or blocked gutters/downspouts/storm drains Damaged or cracked gutters/downspouts/storm drains Standing water or evidence of past standing water on roof deck Accumulation of excessive debris on roof deck Suspected microbial growth or other water damage on roof deck Evidence of bird, rodent, or insect infestation Cracked, […]

CAM Magazine Features U of M Ross School of Business

October 2017: CAM Magazine University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business was a huge job for CEI last year. Now completed, CAM magazine has featured this job in there October 2017 Special issue. You can see the article here.   In past years, CEI had installed a green roof onto the Kresge Business library. This […]

Support To Bennett’s Beavers

CEI has been supporting Bennett’s Beavers  for years. This small non-profit organization that creates small wood animals and other pieces for hospitalized children. These wooden figures are then taken to the hospitals and passed out with other art supplies for the kids to decorate. Based locally in Hamburg (not too far from CEI headquarters), they […]