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CEI Sponsorship: 2019 Hudson Mills Old Power Club Tractor Pull

CEI is proud to pull another win at the 2019 HMOPC Annual Tractor pull. For four years, CEI has helped sponsor the Hudson Mills Old Power Club in their annual tractor pull. With the sponsorship, the company gets entry into the sponsorship pull. Matt Meyer, a roofing superintendent here at CEI, participated in the pull on Friday, May 31. He successfully brought home another win. His win makes CEI the 4-time reigning champs. Last year, Nick Bosworth pulled and earned CEI’s third win in a row. The year before that Ron Skrzypek pulled and in 2016, JB Hampton participated in the first year.

CEI is proud to be a part of this fun and exciting sponsorship. Thanks to Matt Meyer, CEI gets to hang another plack in the office for everyone to see.

Dunk For Duke!

CEI is hosting a charity fundraiser for Duke Medical Center on June 8th, 2019. The event is in on honor of CEI’s late founder, John C. Cook. John passed away on April 24th, 2017 after a hard fought 14 year battle with prostate cancer. John and his brother stated CEI Michigan, John was the first full-time employee of Cook Roofing, Inc. John was passionate about the company and the roofing industry and strived to improve other people’s lives by sharing his eternal glass-half-full attitude. At the end of his career, John managed the international division of the roofing company. the projects took him around the globe and he loved the adventures while also leading the roofers on their foreign explorations. Although John loved working, he retired from the company in 2014.

Duke Cancer Institute was a big part of John’s battle! As apart of there 50th year celebration they wanted to contribute to the success of the Cancer institute that helped John over his 14 year journey.

#NoMoreTrashBags: CEI Supports Comfort Cases

The mission of Comfort Cases touched CEI ‘s team. While in a search for a hand’s on a charity event to help bring together the team while giving back. Comfort Cases is an organization that focuses on giving care packages to foster kids who are going through hard transitions. They are given a backpack with items such as a blanket, pajamas, personal hygiene supplies, and a book. All of this is to help them transition with some belongings to make them feel more at home.

After hearing what the organization was doing, CEI planned a packing party as part of there 2019 Kick-Off Meeting. Not only did it help give back, but team members also had to work together packing the backpacks, creating a team-building exercise. Together we packed 20 cases for foster kids ages 10-18, we divided the cases into ten boy cases and ten girl cases.

After the meeting, the cases were shipped to the Maryland headquarters for quality inspection and distributed to other locations across the United States.

For more information visit:

Hard Hats Against Hunger: National Roofing Week 2018

The NRCA’s 2018 National Roofing Week, encourages companies in the roofing industry to give back during the week! CEI chose to host a charity event over the week. Hardhats Against Hunger was CEI’s food drive during National Roofing Week. By teaming up with Gleaner’s Food Bank, CEI collected and donated 450lbs of food and $100 in donations to the food bank in Howell. Gleaners is a local food bank that helps support many food pantries in their effort to help those in need from going hungry. They also host there own pantry that is attached to there food bank warehouse.

Along with that, CEI donated $450 to Weekend Survival Kits, an organization that helps kids in need with meals and groceries to take home for the weekends. $450 equaled meals for five children for a whole year! Too many children rely on free school lunches for there meals during the day. Food shortage can make weekends and summer break hard for students. Weekend Survival Kits helps by providing meal kits to help fill this gap. Weekend survival kits use the support of the food banks to fill their bags and takes monetary donations to pick specific food items needed.

CEI was more than excited to help support both organizations in there missions to help the hungry. National Roofing Week is always a special week that brings the roofing industry together. CEI loves to help give back as a part of the week.

CEI Sponsorship: Hudson Mills Old Power Club

For 3 years, CEI has helped sponsor the Hudson Mills Old Power Club in their annual tractor pull. With the sponsorship, the company gets entry into the pull. Nick Bosworth- a CEI foreman and member of the HMOPC participated in the pull this year. Last year, CEI’s employee Ron Skrzypek competed and won the pull in CEI’s name. Coming back as defending champions from 2017 pull, CEI came in and won the pull for the 2nd year in a row.

An exciting and fun sponsorship for CEI! They received a plack to hang in the office next to last years.

CEI Helps With Remembering Mr.Van!

In February, CEI was called on to the roof of the Art Van Headquarters in Warren, MI. They were asked to do something out of the normal scope of work. CEI service crews took to the roof to help hang a poster in remembrance of Art Van Elslander.

Art Van Elslander was a Detroit icon and the founder of Art Van Furniture. Mr. Van worked his way up from humble beginning to owning one of the nations largest furniture companies. He donated a good portion of his fortune to the city of Detroit. He helped keep alive the Thanksgiving parade and well as feeding the hungry and healing the sick.

Art Van Elslander had a big heart for Detroit and will be missed greatly. CEI was honored to be apart of remembering him with helping hang the banner.

Article on Mr. Van 

Sheet Metal Shop Auction Gift

We are always saying how much talent and true craftsmanship we have in our crews, especially in the sheet metal shop. Here is proof of how much talent they really have. Created out of copper, this gift box was hand crafted by our sheet metal shop supervisor Bob Gardner. The box is being donated as an auction item to Mt. Brighton’s XLR8 Alpine Race Team’s annual golf outing. Bob has made many of these boxes, each one a little different. This is his very first pair of skis that he added!

Support To Bennett’s Beavers

Pictured is a wonderful thank you from Bennett’s Beavers and a example of there wood figures.

CEI has been supporting Bennett’s Beavers  for years. This small non-profit organization that creates small wood animals and other pieces for hospitalized children. These wooden figures are then taken to the hospitals and passed out with other art supplies for the kids to decorate. Based locally in Hamburg (not too far from CEI headquarters), they are a great charity doing even better work. As a company, CEI donated a $100 hole sponsorship to there golf outing.

If you would like to find out more, or donate to Bennett’s Beavers, you can visit there website here.


Sponsoring Brighton Ice Hockey Club!


Our partners Kristine Lindsey, Rob Cook and Eric Cook all played in the Brighton Ice golf outing this weekend! CEI donated $100 in support of Trey Slocum and the Brighton Ice Mite hockey team. It was a beautiful and hot day to enjoy some golf. We wish the team and Trey luck as they go into this years season!

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