The NRCA’s 2018 National Roofing Week, encourages companies in the roofing industry to give back during the week! CEI chose to host a charity event over the week. Hardhats Against Hunger was CEI’s food drive during National Roofing Week. By teaming up with Gleaner’s Food Bank, CEI collected and donated 450lbs of food and $100 in donations to the food bank in Howell. Gleaners is a local food bank that helps support many food pantries in their effort to help those in need from going hungry. They also host there own pantry that is attached to there food bank warehouse.

Along with that, CEI donated $450 to Weekend Survival Kits, an organization that helps kids in need with meals and groceries to take home for the weekends. $450 equaled meals for five children for a whole year! Too many children rely on free school lunches for there meals during the day. Food shortage can make weekends and summer break hard for students. Weekend Survival Kits helps by providing meal kits to help fill this gap. Weekend survival kits use the support of the food banks to fill their bags and takes monetary donations to pick specific food items needed.

CEI was more than excited to help support both organizations in there missions to help the hungry. National Roofing Week is always a special week that brings the roofing industry together. CEI loves to help give back as a part of the week.