Debris is a common roof deficiency, that requires attention to in the fall and all year round! You should begin addressing any issue with a visual assessment.
Debris shows up in many forms:
  • Organic Growth
  • Mechanical Equipment Left Behind
  • Leaves
  • Sticks
  • Trash and Other Like-Matter
Loose Debris:

What is it? With storms and falling leaves, debris can collect on the roof and blow around.

Potential Damage: From movement of this debris or walking on littered areas there can be damage to the roof membrane.
Prevention: Removal of the debris will avoid all problems and should be part of your regular roof maintenance program.
Clogged Scupper, Drain or Gutter:

What is it? Loose debris gets stuck in different areas once blown around, this can cause clogging.
Potential Damage: Having clogged gutters, drains or scuppers can cause them to not work properly.
Prevention: All debris should be removed to ensure that the water from the rainy and snowy season will drain properly.


Organic Growth:

What is it?  Consistent moisture in contact with the roof surface will cause plants to grow on the roof.
Potential Damage: This will then lead to premature deterioration of the membrane. If not corrected early, it can lead to
1.   Leaks
2.   Saturation of the roof system
3.   Potential roof deck deterioration.
Prevention:  Remove the organic debris completely from the roof. Then dispose of it in a proper manner.
Never hesitate to call roofing professional if you have questions.