What Should I Check on My Building’s Roof?

In between routine inspections, look for the following hazards: Debris-filled or blocked gutters/downspouts/storm drains Damaged or cracked gutters/downspouts/storm drains Standing water or evidence of past standing water on roof deck Accumulation of excessive debris on roof deck Suspected microbial growth or other water damage on roof deck Evidence of bird, rodent, or insect infestation Cracked, […]

Local 70 Roofer’s Union and CEI are featured in “The Journeyman Roofer and Waterproofer”

Second Quarter 2017: The Journeyman Roofer and Waterproofer View the Article! Check out this short cover feature on the Local 70 roofers union. It highlights the daily work that these roofers do to keep the people of Ann Arbor protected, especially the college students. CEI was featured in the article for there work done on […]

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day- Make a Economical, Efficient and Energy saving Plan.

Earth day is a  reminder for all to take care of the environment that surrounds us. We each can take better care of the places we work, play and live by having good maintenance practices to save us time, money and energy. By setting up a roof management program your building you can be more energy […]